Why Can Your Obsession With Your Muscles (and Testosterone) Be Fatal

Why using anabolics and testosterone is dangerous for health

You better stop! We tell you why using anabolics and testosterone is dangerous to health.

If you are a fan of seeing yourself more and more struck out in front of the mirror, you better know that using anabolics and testosterone is dangerous to health.

Many start with exercise a few times a week, but some fall into a serious addiction to modify their body to see it in a different way and resort to this type of hormone.

Miguel Escalante Pulido, head of Endocrinology at the IMSS Specialty Hospital in Jalisco, warned of the danger of using testosterone and anabolics to gain muscle mass.

The health specialist mentions that the desire to gain muscle mass with less effort and in a short time leads men and women to look for alternatives such as the use of the hormone testosterone and anabolics (derivatives substitutes for the same hormone), which can be harmful to your health.

They go to the gym and get very high amounts of testosterone, in fact, there are women who also androgenize using this hormone, and the abuse of these substances leads to various contraindications and potential damage to health.

Why using anabolics and testosterone is dangerous for health 1

Do you know the damage that anaerobics cause to your body? (Photo: Irobis)

But what are the risks of getting ‘mamey’ with hormones?

It is dangerous since cases of liver, prostate cancer and acute kidney damage usually arise.

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The goal of ingesting this is to have muscle mass with less effort.

So should I definitely not take them?

If you really need to do the test, before taking testosterone it is necessary to evaluate your kidney, liver and prostate function, if you are a man, as well as your blood pressure levels.

According to Dr. Escalante, the use of testosterone is only endorsed as a hormone replacement therapy, in the event that elderly men have a considerable drop in this hormone.

That is, if you are young, it would only be justified to take this hormone when, as a man, you have a premature drop in testosterone production and with this, the risk of developing an artiosclerosis cardiovascular disease, or even prematurely cognitive loss, depression or fibromyalgia .

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The obsession with deforming the body is a psychological problem. (Photo: Total Bodybuilding)

Many gyms are passed!

The amount of testosterone that is used in physical training centers is excessive and in the short term can cause severe effects on the body.

Those who psychologically depend on this product are probably not willing to give it up, as it is true that once you stop using it, the muscle mass achieved tends to be lost.

And then how do I do it?

Let’s face it! (Almost) no one is drawn to a muscular body about to burst. So you better maintain a healthy lifestyle, with a balanced diet, and if you are a muscle fan, ask a nutrition expert what and how to eat protein.

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Using testosterone has no benefit to your health. (Photo: Anton)

Whether you want to be very strong or not, it is also recommended to exercise regularly, not only to keep your body in good condition, but also with the physical structure, “including delaying the development of sarcopenia in older age, that is, the loss of mass muscle characteristic of aging.

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Author: Dylan Smith