What Happens to Us in The Gym


Every day that passes I blush more when I see certain characters in these places, specifically to which I usually go, but I think we can draw common factor in this case. The day began badly when, when I approached the turnstiles to enter, four “beasts of the abyss” (apparently human, although I am still not sure) have sprung up out of nowhere, running away and rushing into the compound. INSURED LAUGHS I have thought..and “that’s how it has been” .. Already in the locker room the four of them started to squawk (so that we all heard them well) at a volume that suggested that a flock of ” Nazg├╗ls” threatened the neighborhood. Conversations of the type: “- How much does the biceps already measure you?  – The same as on Friday.

 – What a f*cking, this Friday does not F*CK * (I put the * for the youth audience * = S).
– Did you already fuck the other day’s aunt?
– Tonight, tonight I blow it up ” denoting an intellectual level that is generalized when they meet with their colleagues in the room … Caps, sunglasses, T-shirts” Hobbit “size to make veins look good, poses in front of the mirrors while they train, glances between biceps and triceps because mine is bigger, but I sweat more, contests to “see who gets more weight looking at the girls who are waiting for their” zumba “class … go with the little name “, and what is coolest, screaming, but not some screaming, no, some screaming that seemed to be when Leonidas arrived to pick them up and go straight to Thermopylae … very serious ..

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I, by his side, am a strip, I recognize it, but why do they have to focus all their attention on the fly weights that we put on the rest of us in each exercise? Why do you have to tell me that if I never put your weights on? Can I have muscles like yours? Sir, leave me alone … Well yes friends, today I was told that if I want to become someone in the world of bodybuilding, I have to lift a lot more weight. Sure, what do I do? Do I bother explaining? Or do I give him a gestural look of the “eyebrow up” babble with stifle at the corner because he was talking to me when I was in full exercise and was on the verge of collapse? …. I think it is not necessary to explain which of the two has occurred..

I am not saying that it is the general climate, there are always normal people, like me, well, like me, like many others, what happens is that I always have the feeling that there are always the 4 or 40 “ultramegamazados and ultramegaidiotas” in all of them in turn they have to look over your shoulder “quasi” forgiving your life for how super strong they are. That is why I have never liked the atmosphere in these places, and that is why I do not want to go …. but hey, as long as it is still so cheap, it is so close to home and I can keep getting screwed * (it is an E ) I live from these people … it is worth …. or not?

Author: Dylan Smith