What are Human Body Somatotypes

Within the world of bodybuilding and fitness you have surely heard about (especially in the gym) the different types of bodies and the relationship that physical development has with genetics. Maybe you even heard things like “you are ectomorphic”, “that is endomorph “or” I am mesomorph “, when we talk about this we are talking about nothing more and nothing less than the genetic nature of each person; the bone shape of each individual, the tendency that each body has to accumulate more fat, to have a faster or slower metabolism, therefore the ease that the bodies will have to gain muscles, to mark themselves more easily, or to gain weight , varying factors such as diet and training.

Understanding then that there are different types of bodies, it will be easier to adapt our training either for fitness or for bodybuilding ; Knowing what type of body we have, what advantages we have when it comes to working our physique and what disadvantages we have.

To better interpret this, it is necessary to know that there are three somatotypes, each with different characteristics, so there will be people with an almost 100% defined somatotype and other people who will have a higher percentage of one and a minimum of another, and it is It is essential to know ours to know how to exploit our potential when we train bodybuilding and fitness.

The classification of body types is:

1) Ectomorphic
2) Endomorphic
3) Mesomorphic

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Speaking specifically of each:

1) Ectomorphs


A clear example of a pure Ectomorph physicist worked to the maximum is Bruce Lee.

They are slim, have the typical “cylinder body”, little muscle, abs marked by thinness since they are usually below the normal weight level, their chest is flat and their arms and legs are very skinny.
The main advantage is that they can eat anything, even fat, without being afraid to put on weight, their accelerated metabolism means that they do not accumulate fats, so it will be very easy for them to mark themselves, contrary to this and as the main disadvantage is the difficulty in obtaining muscle and gain weight.

2) Endomorphs


A good example of Endomorph is the well-known fighter Brock Lesnar.


They are wide, more inclined to overweight, they have a rounded body, little musculature, their body is generally rather flaccid, they are usually above the normal weight level, as they tend to be overweight, in the most extreme cases. gynecomastia is common.
The main advantage is that they have an amazing facility to gain muscle and strength, although it is difficult for them to get marked, but on the contrary, their slow metabolism makes them have a constant fight not to lose the line and gain weight since they also have excessive ease to increase grease.

3) Mesomorphs


The classic and quintessential example of pure Mesomorph is the great Arnold Schwarsenegger.

They have an athletic and strong body, they already have natural musculature and they have the typical “cone body” since the width of the shoulder to shoulder is much greater than the width of the pelvis, they do not have difficulties to gain muscle, nor do they tend to accumulate Fat, they usually have the ideal weight or approach, genetically it is the ideal body for bodybuilding.
They have all the advantages at a physical level since they gain muscle and strength with ease, with a basic training and a minimal diet they can already achieve great improvements, they do not have problems to get marked and the accumulation of fat is minimal.

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Author: Dylan Smith