The Sampedrina League Presented The ”Pedro 2018” Awards

The Sampedrina League presented the “Pedro 2018” awards

The traditional award was presented on Tuesday night. Club Atlético Miter took the top prize.

The Sampedrina Sports League presented the “Pedro 2018” award to the best soccer players and teams of the season.

The party was held at the entity’s headquarters before a good number of public. There were awards, recognitions and tributes.

The maximum award was awarded by Club Atlético Miter for having been the champion of the Apertura Tournament, he stayed with Pedro 2018.

All winners: Opening Tournament “JORGE SANTISO”


1st. div .:

  • Champion: Club Atlético Miter
  • Runner-up: Sp. Las Palmeras

Sub 21:

  • Champion: United Defenders
  • Runner-up: La Esperanza

3rd. div:

  • Champion: Farmers Club
  • Runner-up: Club Atlético Miter

4th. div:

  • Champion: Hope
  • Runner-up: Paraná FC

5th. div:

  • Champion: Independencia FC
  • Runner-up: Paraná FC

CLOSING Tournament “Beto Manresa-Rubito López”

1st. div .:

  • Champion: Sportivo Baradero
  • Runner-up: Independencia FC

2nd. div .:

  • Champion: Ireneo Portela
  • Runner-up: Atlético Miter

3rd. div:

  • Champion: Independencia FC
  • Runner-up: Gral San Martín

4th. div:

  • Champion: Sportivo Baradero
  • Runner-up: Paraná FC

5th. div:

  • Champion: Independencia FC
  • Runner-up: Atlético Miter

6th. div:

  • Champion:
  • Runner-up:

Opening Tournament- Best Player and Highlights:

1st. div .:

  • BEST PLAYER: Francisco Ramis (Miter)
  • FEATURED: Esteban García (Las Palmeras)

2nd. div.

  • BEST PLAYER: Ezequiel Chaparro (CADU)
  • FEATURED: Alex Leone (L. Esperanza)

3rd. div.

  • BEST PLAYER: Manuel Palavecino (Farmers)
  • FEATURED: Genaro Novaro (Miter)

4th. div.

  • BEST PLAYER: Valentín Saucedo (La Esperanza)
  • FEATURED: Nicolás Valle (Paraná FC)
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5th. div

  • BEST PLAYER: Nahuel Fernández (IFC)
  • FEATURED: Mirco Zapata (Paraná FC)


  • 1st. div .: Jonathan Cerruti (Paraná FC)
  • Sub 21 .: Ezequiel Chaparro (United States) and Francisco Cortéz (La Esperanza)
  • 3rd. Div .: Marcelo Barrios (Paraná FC)
  • 4th. div .: Facundo Siarra Morán (Paraná)
  • 5th. Div .: Mirco Zapata (Paraná FC)

Closing tournament- Best player and Featured

1st. div .:

  • BEST PLAYER: Ezequiel Báez Corradi (Sportivo)
  • FEATURED: Ariel Oliveto (IFC)

Sub 21:

  • BEST PLAYER: Horacio Quiroz (I. Portela)
  • FEATURED: Rodrigo Cancelo (Miter)

3rd. div.

  • BEST PLAYER: Julián Barrios (IFC)
  • FEATURED: Maximiliano Luque (GS Martín)

4th. div.

  • BEST PLAYER: Ciro Bagala (Sportivo)
  • FEATURED: Gerónimo Peralta (Paraná FC)

5th. div

  • BEST PLAYER: Rodrigo Porcell (Independencia)
  • FEATURED: Fabricio Lapaz (Miter)

6th. div.


  • 1st. div .: Agustín Poll (Sportivo) and Francisco Espíndola (Miter)
  • Sub 21: Franco Martínez (Ireneo Portela)
  • 3rd. div .: Maximiliano Luque (G. San Martín)
  • 4th. div .: Valentín Saucedo (La Esperanza)
  • 5th. Div .: Julián Botheatoz (Sportivo)


Marcelo López, Councilor of Farmers Club “20 years”


  • (Decade ´70) Raúl Padula
  • (Decade ´80) Sergio Camacho
  • (Decade ´90) Rubén Barreiro (Banfield) and Antonio Gómez (La Esperanza)
  • (Decade 2000) Marcos Caldentey
  • Gustavo “Guata” Quinteros
  • (League-based sports)

To Martín Peralta, Patricia Picasso, Cesar Panozzo, Ezequiel Bogado, Leandro Olivari, Diego Manresa (bodybuilding physicist), Milagros Delgado, Naiquen Lovera (Fitnnes)

To the bochadofilos: Ulises Farías-Germán Ledesma (Sub 15), Pablo Pereyra and Enzo Córdoba (Sub 12) and to the technicians Pablo Pereyra and Diego Francia.

Athletics: Santiago Dellagiovanna and Damian Gallina.

U15 National Tournament in Chaco 2008


Cristian Astorga, Juan Albano, Gustavo Birador, Franco Boaglio, Braian Cáceres, Isaías Cáceres Menegoni, Alexis Cuels, Franco Fontanet, Angel Luna, Emmanuel Martínez, Kevin Neyra, Franco Naso, Matías Nouet, Paulo Paz, Gastón Piccinini, Matías Pisani, Franco Santachita, Tiago Tevez, Gonzalo Vallejos, Emanuel Charras. DT: Gerardo Espíndola, AC: Javier Pistán, Assistant: Néstor Pérez.

  • Recognition of national REFEREES: Joaquín Gil and Damián Bertolini
  • TECHNICIAN 1RA. DIV .: Agustín Díaz (Miter) and Marcos Barlatay (Sportivo)
  • DIV TECHNICIAN. LOWER: Mauro Sandoval (IFC) and Santiago Sandoval (Sportivo)
  • LESS EXPIRED VALLA: Fifth div. Independence FC
  • PLAYER REVELATION: Matías Aranda (Independencia FC)
  • BEST PLAYER 2018: Francisco Espíndola (Atlético Miter)
  • PEDRO DE ORO 2018:
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Author: Dylan Smith