The Protagonists of ”Champions” Will Play in The Charity Match Between Police and Celebrities

Last minute transfer. The protagonists of the film “Champions” also join the charity match will face next Sunday, January 20 at 18:00 pm police and famous . Although in Javier Fesser’s film the actors play basketball this time they will try to score as many goals as possible for the police team. It will be at the Leganés Sports Center Europe . Also on the pitch will be the singer David de María, the singers Adexe & Nau, the dancers Cristo and Aarón Vivancos, Rafa de Hombres G, Moha de Mago de Oz, the dancer Rafael Amargo, the footballers Rubén de la Red and Antonio López, the actress Pepa Anirte, Alonso Caparrós, the magician Jorge Blas. The presenter Carlos Sobera or the journalist Juan Ramón Lucas will also play.

On the police side, the agents will try to present their greatest arsenal in a lineup in which women will also play. Among the forwards they have a massive distraction weapon : the agent now on leave Juan Faro, who belonged to both the Prevention and Reaction Unit (UPR) and the UIP (riot control), although he says that his sports activity -practices bodybuilding & fitness in the Men´s Physique category (bodybuilding) – makes you lose speed, it will be a heavy weight when it comes to covering your opponent and scoring in goal. “I hope I have a good time and that people have fun. The last thing I think about is the result of the match ”, he assures.

Faro, who entered the National Police Corps with 20 assures that it has been “a great stage of my life”, which he entered by vocation and that the best was “all the experiences lived and what was learned”. Worst? “The disappointment of risking his life to arrest a criminal and that the laws we have made the judge release him.”

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The meeting, to be arbitrated by Fernando Romay , has been organized by the Unified Police Union of the Territorial Committee of Madrid (SUP), specifically by the NGO Solidarity Police that the union has. The party will feature the animation and narration of the party by Nallely Capellan, the chocolate kisses from K good radio and the versatile Pedro Sarabia.

All of them will join forces to “improve the day to day life of orphans of the National Police”. The children of those who gave their lives in defense of the security of citizens and the country. The National Body Orphan Foundation is a century-old institution that aims to improve the personal and educational well-being of all police orphans day by day. It is sustained thanks to the help of police officers who collaborate with it and encompasses both attention to disability, academic development, sociocultural, psychological support, special help … The SUP union and the NGO Solidarity Police, encompasses agents of the National Police Corps in All its scales and professional categories, it actively collaborates with the Orphan Foundation.

Leganés City Council collaborates with the #PoliciasvsFamosos event in this initiative that also has the support of the Fundación Atlético de Madrid. Tickets for sale for just 7 euros, can be purchased at There is also a Row 0 to collaborate with a solidarity armchair: ES 1120381135706000288286

Author: Dylan Smith