The Grandson of ”El Chato” in a Documentary on The ”Spain” Newspaper in Tangier

The grandson of “El Chato” in a documentary on the “Spain” newspaper in Tangier

A documentary about the Tangier newspaper España  is being filmed  , directed by the journalist Fernando Santiago, and which will feature the testimonies of historians, investigators, family members and some survivor who worked for the newspaper.

The writer and researcher Chema Menéndez, interviewed for the documentary. Photo Agency Febus.

Although the writer Chema Menéndez has already finished a documentary on the Spain newspaper   of Tangier that will soon see the light, today, at the International Press Center in Madrid, he has been interviewed for another documentary that curiously also deals with the aforementioned herald.

During his interview, Menéndez recalled the importance of this newspaper, the origin, according to him, of the “journalistic transition”, that is, of the anti-Franco struggle in the Spanish press and the importance of his grandfather, in all that affair, since which was his greatest supporter, in a time of dictatorship where one was shot for much less.

This documentary is directed by the journalist Fernando Santiago, collaborator of  El Diario de Cádiz ,  Radio Cádiz , of the programs  La Mirilla  and  La Hora de Andalucía  on Canal Sur, director of the  Café del Correo program  of 8 Television and head of the video service of the Provincial Council of Cádiz, with more than 250 documentaries behind it, and has the support of the Cádiz Press Association and the Provincial Council of that city.

The aforementioned documentary will also feature first-rate testimonies such as, for example, that of Bernabé López García, Professor of History and an expert on Tangerine issues, Domingo del Pino, writer, journalist, researcher and great connoisseur of the history of Tangier and some survivor of the writing of the newspaper as is the case of Manuel Cruz Fernández, director of the herald at the time when the Moroccan authorities forced, in 1971, its closure.

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So it seems that, little by little, and thanks, among other things, to the work of the grandson of “El Chato” the newspaper  España  de Tánger begins to become more and more known, something that should never have happened because it is one of the most important to understand the history of Francoism and its idiosyncrasy.

Chema Menéndez at one point in the interview. Photo Febus.

Another moment of the recording. Photo Febus.

The documentary team with Fernando Santiago, at the head, and the grandson of “El Chato”. Photo Febus.

The other documentary from the newspaper “Spain” in Tangier that will soon be released. In the photo we see Núñez, Cohen, “El Chato”, Corrochano Jr., Coello, Pereda and García Pastor.


Author: Dylan Smith