Sudden Death of Bodybuilder Ben Hernett

A sudden death that surprised bodybuilding lovers, that of Ben Hernett , leaves the world of bodybuilding mourning since the 37-year-old Englishman was found lifeless by his father who still cannot accept this unfortunate event.

Ben Hernett was a popular 37-year-old English bodybuilder who mourns the bodybuilding world with his sudden death, especially since the causes of his death are still unknown.

The athlete was found dead by his father at his home in Choppington and his family finds no reason for his death, since they claim that Hernett did not consume alcohol and had no vices that could lead to such an unfortunate outcome.

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A little bit of Ben Hernett’s history

Ben Hernett was building his bodybuilding career constantly and with a great job, even leaving his profession as a trucker to dedicate himself purely and exclusively to the care of his body.

Like many athletes in the world of bodybuilding, Ben Hernett began by attending various championships in the discipline as a participant.

Always following a very strict routine, as her father has related, Hernett used to make up to eight meals a day to prepare correctly for competitions.

But in addition, Hernett’s sudden death is not explained until now since he was well known in the bodybuilding world both for his dedication to the gym, his training routine and his body, and for not consuming alcohol or having vices.

Ben Hernett and his love for his family

Bodybuilder Ben Hernett had just married Emma just eight months ago and had just learned about the happiness of being a father.

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His father mourned the death of his son publicly saying: «It is devastating, our lives will never be the same again. Losing a child who was a parent is not what it should be.

Hernett’s mother further revealed that for five months her life was her young daughter: “Emma was his world. He was family oriented, he loved being with all of us. ”

Other sudden deaths in the bodybuilding world

Hernett’s is not the first sudden death to shock and sadden the bodybuilding world.

One of the most recent disappearances was that of Rich Piana, the American bodybuilder who spent two weeks in a coma before passing away at just 46 years old from a steroid overdose.

The death of Michelle White is also remembered, who died suddenly, but this time it was not steroids but the abuse of protein consumption, a practice that is very common today among bodybuilders.

Hernett’s remains were veiled in St. John’s Church in Bedlington, and the reasons for his sudden death, which mourns the bodybuilding world especially for being someone who loved exercise, have so far not been released. healthy life and a man who literally “lived in the gym“.

Author: Dylan Smith