Bodybuilding Using Creatine to Gain Muscle Mass With Shorter Breaks

Bodybuilding: Using Creatine To Gain Muscle Mass With Shorter Breaks

If bodybuilding is practiced with the primary goal of developing or focusing on acquiring muscle mass and not strength, then many athletes may be interested in scientific conclusions from a Brazilian experience that linked 22 expert bodybuilders using creatine with the results being published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition ”.

Development of experiences

  • – During the first week, they took 20 g of creatine and 20 g of maltodextrin per day (overload phase).
  • – The dose was then decreased for 5 g of creatine and 5 g of maltodextrin per day.
  • – All the individuals trained 6 times per week and worked in cycles of 3 workouts in which all the main muscle groups were trained, in addition all performed the same exercises.
  • The bodybuilders trained with weights with which they managed to perform 8-10 repetitions of 4 sets of each exercise.

The working groups:

  • – Half of the individuals trained during the 8 weeks of the experience with 2 minutes of rest between the series [DC – constant rest].
  • – The other half [DD – decrescent rest] made progressively shorter rest periods. During the first two weeks, the DI group rested two minutes between sets, but after the third week, rest periods decreased by 15 seconds each week.
  • – During the third week the volunteers of the group [DD – decreasing rest] rested 105 seconds, the fourth week they rested 90 seconds, the sixth week they rested 60 seconds, the seventh week 45 seconds and the eighth week about 30 seconds in decreasing order
  • In the experience, the training volume (the number of kilos x the number of repetitions) increased for the group with a constant rest period but in the other group that had the decreasing rest period the training volume decreased;
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The results

  • – Both groups gained strength, but the increase in maximum strength increased more in the group with periods of constant rest than in the other group.
  • – However when it comes to muscle mass, however it was the training with progressively shorter rest periods led to the best results.
  • – The researchers measured the muscle dimensions of the volunteers with MRI exams and verified that the muscle mass of the arms and legs increased more in the [DD – decrescent rest] group.
  • – The researchers concluded that decreasing the rest interval seems to be more efficient than constant interval to produce hypertrophic responses and also state that they are going to carry out a larger study to also analyze bodybuilders who do not use creatine.



Author: Dylan Smith