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We recover the Manifesto of the Alliance of Antifascist Writers of 1936

The newspaper “La Voz”, one of the republican newspapers of the Madrid of the war. Photo Agency Febus.

Today, we want to recover a document of great historiographic value. This is the Manifesto of the Alliance of Antifascist Writers for the Defense of Culture of 1936. The mentioned manifesto was published on July 30, 1936 in the newspaper  La Voz,  a newspaper founded by Nicolás María de Urgoiti in 1920 and directed in those moments by the republican intellectual Paulino Massip.

This manifesto was signed by intellectuals and artists of all kinds, including María Zambrano, writer, Rosa Chacel, writer, Emiliano Barral, sculptor, Luis Buñuel, filmmaker, Luis Cernuda, poet, Manuel Altolaguiire, writer, Vicente Salas Vui, writer o Jaime Menéndez “El Chato”, who signed this time as a writer.

It is curious that among the signatories there is some false republican who would later go over to the Francoist side and that is that fifth columnism began to function very soon even among the intelligentsia. 

The last lines of this document clarify the absences of signatures such as those of Rafael Alberti or Eugenio Imaz, members of the aforementioned alliance.

Without further delay we transcribe this document:

                 Manifesto of the Alliance of                  Antifascist Writers 
for the Defense of Culture

There has been an explosion of barbarism throughout Spain in which the old forms of reaction from the past have taken a new and more powerful push, as if they reached a supreme historical expression when integrating into fascism.

This criminal uprising of militarism, clericalism and caste aristocratism against the democratic Republic, against the people, represented by its Popular Front Government, has found in fascist procedures the novelty of strengthening all those deadly elements of our history, which due to its decomposition Slowly they were corrupting and poisoning the people in their active desire to create a new Spanish life. Against authentic popular Spain, he has rushed to destroy or corrupt it, debasing it with a brutalizing and bloody slavery, like that of Asturian repression; this criminal endeavor of a large part of the Army, which by betraying the Republic has done so in such a way that it has exposed the guilt of its intention, aggravating it with that of betraying himself in the falsity of the patriotic ideals that he claimed to defend, sacrificing the international dignity of Spain and bloody and destroying the sacred soil of its history. And this with such desperate, devastating, suicidal momentum that the tragic criminal responsibility of its leaders has determined it with vesanic characteristics of cruelty and destruction perhaps never known in Spain; in a word: fascists.

Against this monstrous outbreak of fascism, which so appalling evidence has now achieved in Spain, we, writers, artists, scientific researchers, men of intellectual activity, in short, grouped together to defend culture in all its national and universal values ​​of tradition and creation constant, we declare our total union, our full and active identification with the people, who now fight gloriously alongside the Popular Front Government, defending the true values ​​of intelligence by defending our freedom and human dignity, as he always did, heroically breaking through , with its independence, to the true continuity of our culture, which was always popular, and to all the creative possibilities of Spain in the future.

Emiliano Barral, sculptor
Luis Quintanilla, painter
Angel Ferrán, writer
Ramón Gómez de la Serna, writer
Sánchez Arcas, architect
Vicente Salas Viu, writer
Miguel Pérez Ferrero, writer
Luis Lacasa, architect
Carlos Montilla, engineer
J. Prados, professor at Universidad
Juan María Aguilar, professor
José Fernández Montesinos, writer
Santiago Esteban de la Mora, architect
A. Rodríguez Moñino, professor and writer
Rodolfo Halffter, composer
Rosa Chacel, writer
Timoteo Pérez Rubio, painter
Carlos Díez Fernández, doctor
Concha Albornoz, writer

Blas J. Zambrano,  national teacher
José Ignacio Mantecón, archivist
Antonio Porras, writer
Luis Buñuel, filmmaker
Rafael Dieste, writer
Antonio Sánchez Barbudo, writer
Rosario del Olmo, journalist
Rodríguez Leona, painter
Miguel Prieto, painter
Ramón Iglesia, librarian
Alfonso R. Aldave, writer
Rafael Sánchez Ventura, Professor
Adolfo Salazar, writer
Gustavo Durán, composer
Juan Chabás, writer
Delia del Carril, painter
Emilio Niveiro Díaz, writer
Julio del Camino, writer
José Ribas Panera, writer
Pedro Garfias, writer
Jaime Menéndez, writer
José Herrera, writer
María Angela del Olmo, actress
Eduardo Ugarte, writer
José Ramos, journalist
Acario Cotapos, musician-composer
María Alfaro, writer
Luis Pérez Infante, writer
Joaquín Villatoro
Rogelio Martínez Casanova
Santiago Ontañón, painter
Carmen Muñoz Manzano, inspector of First Education
Emilio Delgado, writer

Armando Bazán , writer
Xavier Abril, writer
A. del Amo Algara, writer
Luis Cernuda, writer
Manuel Altolaguirre, writer
María Zambrano, writer
W. Roces, professor
José Bergamín, writer.

Since no signatures could be collected due to time constraints and communication difficulties, all those who wish to add theirs to this manifesto are advised to do so by sending their support to the Alliance of Anti-Fascist Intellectuals for the Defense of Culture, Castellana, 18.


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Author: Dylan Smith