18 People Are Detained in The Balearic Islands That Were Part of an Anabolic Trafficking Network

18 people are detained in the Balearic Islands that were part of an anabolic trafficking network

The Guardia Civil has arrested a total of 41 people related to the criminal organization with tentacles in mid-Spain

18 people are detained in the Balearic Islands that were part of an anabolic trafficking network.  / CIVIL GUARD

18 people are detained in the Balearic Islands that were part of an anabolic trafficking network. / CIVIL GUARD

The Guardia Civil have detained 18 people in the Balearic Islands to be part of an alleged criminal organization that traded in banned drugs and other substances, most for sports doping . The investigations began earlier this year, after police detected a sports center in the Balearic Islands from which drugs would be distributed without any medical and medical control. At this time, two more people are being investigated.

Agents have also arrested several people from the same organization in Barcelona and Tarragona , and in other cities in the state: Madrid, Toledo, Almeria, Málaga, Canary Islands and Huelva . According to a statement from the Armed Institute, a total of 41 people were detained.


The organization had professionals involved in sports bodybuilding to market these products. It was precisely through the network of contacts and, therefore, their potential customers that these people were able to sell the illegal substances.

Once the culprit was identified, the Judicial Police verified that he had contacts with other criminal structures engaged in the same activity, and that he imported from Portugal , Greece , Latvia , Poland , Hungary , Bulgaria and the United States , using usually parcel companies for later distribution to consumers.

Thus, the Civil Guard stated that, at the same time, these sub-structures dependent on the main criminal organization had other international supply routes for the supply of substances.

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The researchers found that in 2016 and 2017 the network would have made more than 4,400 shipments with a global weight of 3.1 tonnes . They also calculated that the organization could have raised around € 2 million this year. More than 180,000 euros were involved in cash.

In this way, researchers identified several cells in the organization distributed by Spanish provinces, dedicated to the marketing of such products. The same band was engaged in money laundering in exchange for money.

The researchers used false identities and business structures for added security; At times, the organization enjoyed the complicity of transportation company employees.


According to the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products, the use of anabolic steroids can lead to liver disorders, jaundice, liver cancers, gynecomastia, hypercholesterolemia, erection disorders and inhibition of sperm production, morbid heart defects, increased risk of stroke and even psychotic episodes and depression.

Author: Dylan Smith